About – Aliyah Wilson

bfuyvefgverfwehbAliyah Wilson is a junior from Minneapolis. Aliyah studies communications focusing on public relations. With school as her full-time job, she participates in the American Indian Student Union, and serves as a communications intern for the Maryland wrestling team. She loves all things sports and can debate hot takes for hours. Growing up Native American and Black in a world that is black and white, Aliyah has seen racial injustices in real time. Institutional racism is real, and she believes it is important for people that haven’t experienced it to understand and acknowledge it. The Black Lives Matter movement really hit home this past summer when an officer shot and killed Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, just about ten minutes away from her home in Minneapolis. This topic is important to her because she’s seen it, lived it and wants more people to talk about it. It’s 2016, let’s talk racism!


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